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KISHAN SHAH | Ayurveda Practitioner, Teacher of Yoga and Meditation, Healing Bodywork

Kishan Shah has been a scholar and practitioner of the Vedic Arts from India for almost two decades. He has spent the last sixteen years in Los Angeles practicing Ayurveda and teaching Yoga and Meditation. Born into a Vaishnav lineage from his Indian father, Kishan’s bloodline threads all the way back to the Vedic Rishi Kashyapa. It has been many generations since there was an Ayurvedic practitioner in his family. In the nineties his father’s family built an Ayurvedic hospital in his grandfather’s name to honor him in the village where he was born. When Kishan had his first Pancha Karma treatment back in 2000 he knew deep inside that it was his calling to learn the ancient healing art of Ayurveda.

Kishan was an avid Ashtanga Vinaysa practitioner and student of Sri K Pattabhi Jois and his senior disciple Lino Miele. In 2001 when Kishan met Swami Govindanda in Kerala, south India he knew it was time to deepen his knowledge base and join Swamiji in the Himalayas ashram. There Kishan completed a Yoga teacher training in the Sivananda Lineage on the banks of the Ganges and when it was time to go Swamiji asked that he stay for some time to teach in the ashram. This is how Kishan began his path as a teacher of Yoga. Upon returning to the United States Swamiji made him take a promise that he would continue teaching Yoga. That lead to him being a part of the communities of Santa Monica Yoga, Exhale Center for Sacred Movement (Exhale Venice), The Yoga Collective, TruYoga, and currently teaching at AZIAM Yoga and Mandala in Los Angeles. In the early-mid 2000’s he studied extensively with Shiva Rea assisting her globally. He has been greatly influenced by his teachers Andrey Lappa, Gurukkal C. M. Sherif and now Yogarupa Rod Stryker.

Establishing his healing arts studio in Topanga Canyon, California Kishan currently sees patients and students for Ayurvedic consultations, treatments, Pancha Karma, rejuvenation and anti-aging therapy, deep tissue structural bodywork, Marma (acupressure) treatment, private Yoga therapy and mantra meditation initiation.

To book a session in person or via skype with Kishan please send us an email at | contact@kishanshah.com 

KISHAN SHAH Yoga Meditation Mix | ONDALINDA x Careyes 2017

Namaste, it’s time to light a candle and roll out your mat. I recorded this live mix from my Thursday class in Mexico at Ondalinda x Careyes festival 2017. I hope it transports you back to that magical jungle studio, into a beautiful place and that your practice is deep. Stay in touch with me by signing up for my newsletter above and let’s adventure together into paradise to practice, play and drop in with our sacred community!

See you on the path soon. Love and blessings…